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There is a funny story to this, is that one early morning I picked Ollie and his mates up in my cab and had no idea who or what they were. Nice lads, a little drunk on their way into town for a night out. Spirits were high and the usual friendly insults were flying about. I was smiling listening to them all. A guy called Ollie sat up front with me and seemed very interested in my Photography business. I blabbed on and on about how I was doing and that I needed a website doing.

It was then I learnt that he could help me with this. He was a website designer himself and thought he could help me. And so really, that is where my business really started to gain a format.

Ollie came round to see me the following Monday and after a good old chat we got the basic idea of the website down. Ollie promised me he would start to put something together and being a sharp tool, he charged me before he left!!!! However I had full faith in him and it is because of that, that I write my first blog promoting his business today.

I now have the pleasure of working with Ollie Brooks and his partner Mickey at Ova Creative on my website and design needs. I have found these young guys to be very professional in their approach, and are always at the end of the phone. Ollie and Mickey have just set up their new office on Back St Annes Rd West in St Annes, Lancashire and already have some fairly high profile clients on their books.

I would recommend you give them a call or visit for your website and design needs.

Ollies details:

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Give the lad a call. He wont let you down